Miracle In White   24x36
Mother's Day   24x30   NFS
Boys In The 'hood   30x39
Like A Rainbow   24x36
Coolin' Off   24x30
His World   36x48
That's A Lot Of Bull   30x36
They Call Him "Wildfire"   18x24
"Have A Camel"   24x36
Mama's Got the Blues   24x36
I'd Walk A Mile For...   36x24
Lightning  16x20
Out Of The Blue   36x24
Red Run   18x24
Horse Of A Different Color   20x24
The Missing Lynx   36x24
Fauda (Arabic For "Chaos")   NFS      18x19
No Strings Attached   28x22
Soaring   48x30
Going Softly   24x18
Purple Passion   40x24
The Circle Of Life   36x48
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